The entrances to your home shouldn’t be where you cut corners, and with the products that we offer there is no reason to. Our front doors are high-quality and competitively priced, giving you the best of both worlds. At The Windowmakers, our goal is to create amazing products to protect your Hampshire home. The back doors that we provide come in a range of styles, including those featured in our new Coloured Doors range.


All doors come with an 8-point locking mechanism, approved by the (ABI) Association of British Insurers. This keeps you secure, and ensures that you have the best possible protection for your home.


With all the benefits of uPVC, and the traditional look of timber, our range of coloured doors has it all. There are more than 160 colour options, as well as an array of coloured, stained, or bevel glass. This is the best way to get a door that is personal to you and your home.


As well as front and back doors, we can also add patio or French doors to your property. These add space to your home, and are a great addition to conservatories. They allow you to bring the outside in with you, and to get the most out of the British summer.